Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day #7 - Mission Accomplished

Well today was an exciting, relaxing, filling, and an all around great day! Started off with Breakfast:

Then we  focused on the word. We reflected on the Mission Trip. I am surprised by all of their answers. Would you believe that most of their favorite part was VBS? They did have a child 8 years young give them relationship advice, a young man call himself and Miguel a "ladies man," an adorable toddler, a young lady that didn't want to be there but after hanging out with our awesome girls she didn't want to leave, and much more. The reason I was surprised is because I thought at least one would have said, "the horse rides!" But none did. This showed me that our Mission is accomplished. The students were excited to serve and to be role models to the VBS kids. Our students are AWESOME. We spent 3 hours sitting and reflecting on our trip!

We then got up to stretch our legs on a hike, and site seeing.

(Yes we took this picture)

By the time we finished we were all hungry so our students continued to serve us leaders on this retreat by cooking lunch! Every student has helped in the kitchen at least once the last two days. PTL!

They helped cook so that the adults could do this...


We then had an AWESOME time at Big Ridge State Park. 

After dinner we had to go and enjoy nature once more...

As fun as it was, I am ready to go home, turn in your kids, and hug mine.

Blessings everyone!
Thank you for following our 2016 J-Walk Mission Trip Blog, till next time!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Day #6 - On the 7th Day

After coming off of a hard working week I cannot help but to think of our Lord's work. He created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh. Although we did not work for 6 full days it sure felt like it! Many of us woke up sore this morning because we worked REALLY hard yesterday.

Our day began with breakfast at 8am
Our front porch - For breakfast: Pancakes, eggs, and sausage. 

Some of the crew

Breakfast table

Back porch 

We then began our series AWAKEN. As we all know it is easy to fall into a sleepy faith, seeing our relationship with God as just what we do on Sunday's or Youth Group. We are tempted to live for ourselves, pursuing sin instead of pursuing our creator and savior. Coming out of a work week on our Mission trip is no different, in fact might be worse. We did spend 15 minutes the first two mornings but we were so busy the rest of the days that we got straight to work. Accomplishing our tasks was great, felt good, brought joy to help out our brothers in Christ, but it was draining.

It felt like we hit the SNOOZE button on our faith, but no more of that, no more pulling the covers over our head. It's time to wake up to the reality of the life we've been created to live in Christ. Today our focus was on SIN. Sin is nasty, separates us from Christ, and we must take it seriously,

I guess the material was so good that we spent three hours on it. When we were done we all were ready for lunch.

Walking Tacos

After lunch we connected with nature by riding horses! There is not much to say about that other that it was AWESOME to enjoy God's creation. I can say that we ALL enjoyed this.

Miguel and I got to connect a bit more with nature when we went on a Walmart run. We picked up some groceries and passed by an awesome site so we HAD to stop and take pictures!

Hope you come back tomorrow for our final day!